Live music photography
Live concerts and festival shows photographed from 2010 onward. Listening to live music is what gripped me into photography in the first place. How do you photograph a show, now that everyone has a HD-video capable smartphone? I try to capture those unique moments, leaving a passe partout that one can fill with his own memories or fit into a more general context.
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Live music photos: Same Suki
27 Jul 2014 / Globaltica Festival 2014

Music photos of Same Suki

Live music photos: Mitch & Mitch
12 Jul 2014

Music photos of Mitch & Mitch
The 1975
Music photos of The 1975
Ganesh and Kumaresh
Music photos of Ganesh and Kumaresh
Jurrasic 5
Music photos of Jurrasic 5
Etran Finatawa
Music photos of Etran Finatawa
Bring Me the Horizon
Music photos of Bring Me the Horizon
Music photos of Kasabian
Queens of the Stone Age
Music photos of Queens of the Stone Age
Music photos of Hurts
Teatr Pijana Sypialnia - Osmędeusze
Music photos of Teatr Pijana Sypialnia - Osmędeusze
Pink Freud
Music photos of Pink Freud
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